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NYSERDA’s Large-Scale Renewables RFP resulted in awards for 21 solar projects, including three with storage. No wind energy project was selected in this fourth annual RFP. Over half of the submitted projects was awarded a contract. Here is a map prepared by our team of submitted and selected projects. Great spatial distribution of projects across…

US Solar Energy Project Location Built in the last 5 years Large solar-plus-storage projects are spreading across the U.S. One key milestone is to obtain approvals to build and operate the projects. Regional differences, led by diverse land uses, wildlife habitats, and authorities reviewing and approving the sites make each project unique. Did you know…


PEG Strategy has been working with developers of Renewable Natural Gas projects. Are you aware of all the benefits of RNG ? We map the resource, help find the most promising sites and provide strategic support at the development and permitting stages. Contact us!