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PEG Strategy: Consultant in the energy sector.

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We provide permitting strategy services to streamline the process and reduce risks.

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Geospatial Solutions

We provide advanced geospatial services for our customers in the energy sector. Generation and use of...

Environmental Services

We protect the environment in developing strategic plans and proposing effective mitigation measures for energy projects....

Permitting Services

Avoid potential pitfalls and maximize success. We will support you with strategic permitting services from the...


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Francis Duhamel

Project Analyst, Renewable Energy

Francis is a GIS analyst with a diploma from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Acting as data analyst for several solar, wind and RNG projects in different states and provinces, his contribution has been key for PEG Strategy in 2020.

Michaël Roberge


Michaël  recently founded PEG Strategy, where he helps wind, solar, storage, and RNG developers find promising sites, permit projects, and avoid potential pitfalls. His career focuses on aiding renewable energy developers in navigating many complex siting, environmental, and permitting environments. It reflects his passion for sustainable development and his dedication to increasing the success rate…

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We truly believe that solutions exist for a fast and effective energy transition that will enable future generations to live in a clean environment.