Geospatial Solutions

Our services

We provide advanced geospatial services for our clients in the energy sector.

Generation and use of high-resolution geospatial data is critical in continuing the energy transition. We understand the quality and limitations of existing spatial datasets, which helps us optimize data acquisition when new data must be obtained.


We offer: 

Acquisition of multisource GIS datasets

Generation of high-resolution GIS databases through aerial photo-interpretation

  • Noise receptor identification, farms, electrical substations, transmission lines, wetlands, etc.

Resource mapping (biomass (agricultural, urban, forest wastes), solar, wind)

Site identification of renewable energy projects

Constraints analysis to optimize land leasing activities and project layouts

Competition reviews

Geospatial strategy to meet RFP requirements and maintain development flexibility

Portfolio reviews and site ranking (multi-criteria analysis).

Preparation of site plans and thematic maps